Friday, April 11, 2014

20 Russian Soldiers

20 Russian Soldiers

The man - the owner of the apartment, invites soldiers "cheerfully to spend days off".
Binge, cigarettes and porno - from it. Only in vain it set a condition - to terminate on him lying on a floor while the tell-tale masturbates on a porno. Some guys and broke off with the termination. However, the man managed to dissolve some tell-tales to have him in a mouth and a bottom (he for some reason in a female night dress), or, at least to pee on him. Most likely, guys also didn't know that them remove the hidden camera.

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Jacob Digs In On Scott

Jacob Digs In On Scott

Jacob's jumping right in to things with both feet! Not only were we recently treated to the sight of this hot-bodied, Southern stud fucking Harper, but that action also took place outdoors in quite the different setting for these guys. Now, not long after that, we're seeing him go to town on Scott!

You can tell these two guys were ready for a hot fuck the instant the cameras were rolling here. They're making out is intense and passionate, and their hands are roaming all over each other as they feel one another up, grab ass, stroke cock, and tear their clothes off. They waste little time swallowing one another's cocks, and get in to some hot 69 action.

The main event is the fucking, though, and it is hot! Jacob's ripped body looks amazing as he pounds away, and Scott clearly can't get enough of being on the receiving end of Jacob's hard dick. Jacob fucks a load out of Scott that just keeps on coming, before coating Scott's hole with his own!

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Aaron's Adventures In Thailand 2

Aaron's Adventures In Thailand 2

Lawrence finds smooth Thai candy at the boy bars, takes them to his room, and lets the camera record two duos and two threeways. Before getting to know the models intimately himself, he lets the viewer get acquainted, sharing likes and dislikes through a translator. He keeps the mood refreshingly cheerful with playful banter and genuine enthusiasm. It helps that the seaside resort bedroom is decorated like a midway with mirrors, fabric walls, colorful bed decor and flashing colored lights. Other amateur porno makers note: neophyte performers are less rattled by cameras and lights if you relax the atmosphere so the sex comes across as enjoyable. Kai is a shy sweetheart with thick black hair and a smooth body. It's the quiet ones that can turn into tigers, and sure enough, Kai's innocent smile masks a raging libido. They reach under each other's red towels, and their faces brighten at the feel of swelling wood reacting to their kissing and fondling. Kai's uncut teen cock has already boinged up to the rigid state it will maintain. Oral action is punctuated by moans and pants. After Lawrence slurps on Kai's cute hole, Kai spears him missionary style, stroking the super sized Lawrence dick and leaning back in full body stretches as he rams his own shaft home.
Already naked on the bed, Lawrence and Pong go at it next. Pong is soap-star-handsome with a ready smile and frequent laugh. He slips his tongue deep into Lawrence's hole, and Lawrence gives him a nice rimming in return before getting fucked. They flip flop with Lawrence walking around carrying Pong by the hips as he fucks him. Lawrence sucks on his balls, helping him produce a big cum splash that Lawrence slurps up. A threeway with "straights" Boy and Aek starts in a tub. Lawrence arranges them side by side in bed to suck cocks and rim butts in tandem. Boy then Aek fuck him.
Muscular and buffed, Tai and Joe are the sexiest looking of the bunch. They get in a hot oral daisy chain heading one direction then the other. Lawrence takes a load from Joe in face and mouth before Tai then Lawrence spill their juice. As a bonus, Tai and Joe dance around a disco pole while the translator stuffs currency inside their briefs. There are also street, stage and fireworks scenes from a celebration of the king's birthday.

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Venezuela Couple

Two sexy dudes from Caracas, a "real-life couple", star in MACHOFUCKER`s video update on Friday. Though Venezueleans, both studs live in Buenos Aires, Argentinas viril metropolis. Their dream: Shooting a proper hardcore video together. Their prefered website to display the result: MACHOFUCKER. Our luck: Having a local producer down in Buenos Aires who didn`t waste much time to shoot with this handsome and sexy "Venezuela Couple".

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Bucks County 2 - Road To Temptation, Scene 4

Bucks County 2 - Road To Temptation, Scene 4

After some football on the lawn, Woody Fox and newcomer Kip Johnson want something more intimate. Kip is 6 feet 3 inches of beef, with dark blond hair tumbling over his shoulders. His swimmer's body has a golden tan and a scant dusting of blond hair. He and Woody find an inviting spot to fuck, in the barn, making out through the rungs of a ladder. Woody strips and climbs the ladder until his cock is level with Kip's mouth, then he tickles Kip's tonsils with his uncut inches. Woody climbs down the ladder and Kip climbs up, stopping when his hole meets Woody's tongue. He smiles and grins as Woody tickles his taint. The mood gets more intense when Woody impales Kip on his cock. Kip twists his torso so he and Woody can make out while they fuck. Kip then sits on Woody's cock, and rides himself to pleasure. Kip's balls are so loose that they slam into Woody's on every down-stroke. Woody reaches around and grabs Kip's cock, inciting Kip to cum for all he's worth as Woody plows him relentlessly. Then Woody pulls his cock out and adds his spooge to Kip's.

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Theo Reid and Mark Coxx (HD)

Theo Reid and Mark Coxx (HD)

Mark Coxx kneels down next to his bed and prays for strength from the lord only to ask for forgiveness almost immediately after he say amen. Mark gets out his thick throbbing cock and a copy of his latest wank material. Mark is obsessed with cock and once he shoots his load thinking about all the hot guys in the mag he blows out the candle and gets ready for a full nights sleep before he goes to confession the next day. Mark enters the confession booth and sits. The hatch slides open and we see the stunning young priest of Theo Reid. He greats mark with a comforting look and asked whats his confession. Mark tells Theo that is impure thoughts and that he has been wanking like mad thinking about them. Theo asks when he last confessed and mark say last week. Suddenly the situation changes. Has mark come and seen Theo before? Was he the priest he confessed to last time? From what happens next we can see that he surely has. Theo changes the subject and asks Mark about his home life. Frustrated more and more Mark begs for what he really wants the priests cock. He had it last time and wants it again and Theo is more than willing to give the boy exactly what he requires in the name of the lord of course. Father Theo slides open a well concealed hatch in the dividing wall and presents mark with what he dreams of so much it hurts. Mark takes Theo’s cock right down the back of his throat taking every bit of length that hung and thick Father Theo’s cock gives. Theo ploughs his cock into marks throat till his cock it dripping with saliva and the pre cum is running so much that ever time mark pulls away strands of pre-cum glisten from his lips to the tip of his cock head. Now wanting to return the gesture he takes Marks cock through the hole and sucks it like any good catholic. Right to the balls and not spilling a drop. Tasking the boy and feeling Marks cock grow bigger and bigger in his mouth Father Theo wants more and ask mark to turn around. With some deep rimming Father Theo gets Marks ass ready for a right religious fucking. Holding the tip and his cock next to the tight and peaching hole of his boy Theo pushes his cock deep into Mark's ass and with the groans muffled by the partition wall, he ploughs his hole deeper and deeper till they both explode thick white cum at each other through the hole. Mark now fully forgiven in the eyes of father Theo he runs along to carry the word of god close to him and the taste of Theo on his lips till he next needs to come to confession.

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Virgin Anal Sex (HD)

Virgin Anal Sex (HD)

Tony is a lucky guy. We found a virgin and he wants to try some dick, so Tony is going to suck his dick and then the boy is going to suck his first dick. Then Tony is going to open up his asshole and shove his dick in his ass. Tony is very lucky, because he gets to fuck him in the ass hard. I think that this new boy is going to like dick now and never go back to pussy. You come see now.

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